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Market C is an innovative high-tech self-service convenience store providing a new, fresh approach to food and beverage services.


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Each Market C provides fresh sandwiches, wraps, fruits, vegetables and salads so associates can conveniently grab their lunch and go! Coupled with endless choices of snacks, ice cream, an enormous cold beverage lineup plus innovative coffee choices, this micro market will be a hot new destination for your employees.
At AVI, we believe an innovative food and beverage program is an integral part of employee satisfaction. Our guests may shop 24-hours a day right at their workplace with the ease of a credit card, cash or account card via a self-service kiosk. It's an incredible upgrade to an ordinary vending program!
Each Market C is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras, and all inventory items are closely monitored by AVI team members. Using PCI compliant technology, AVI and our partner companies are able to quickly and efficiently process your credit card transactions and store sensitive data with the utmost security.
"Market C is a huge upgrade from vending and the next evolution in our industry. The functionality and benefits are remarkable ... it reminds me of the change from a flip to a smart phone. You'll never go back." - Dustin Miles, Market C Brand Manager at AVI Foodsystems, Inc.
Fresh, homemade, delicious foods, made from scratch ... yes, really! While many food service companies rely on prepackaged products from outside suppliers, we insist on doing it the old-fashioned way with the freshest ingredients available in our Culinary Support Center. Our state-of-the-art Culinary Support Center encompasses more than 100,000 square feet. Mornings start early with fresh ingredients arriving every day. Our team members work quickly and safely to ensure these ingredients are made into one of the 20 million fresh selections that we serve annually. With a focus on healthy living, Market C offers a wide variety of selections that meet our nutriSOURCE® wellness program. nutriSOURCE® is a ground-breaking wellness program developed by AVI to assist our guests in embracing a healthy lifestyle. Customers at Market C will enjoy fresh salads and healthy snack options as well as a variety of low and no calorie beverages. Healthy selections are specially marked to make it easier than ever to identify good choices.
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We Deliver The Highest Design Quality In The Industry Our layouts create an inviting atmosphere with superior aesthetics and a creative design that appeals to today’s busy consumer. We provide recommended color choices that are designed to create a distinctive look for your Market C. This micro market is customized to fit into most spaces, giving us unrivaled flexibility in creating an attractive layout designed to meet your service goals.
About AVI Foodsystems, Inc. Founded in 1960, AVI Foodsystems has evolved into one of the most respected and trusted food service companies in the nation. Providing comprehensive food services with a focus on the highest quality and freshest ingredients, impeccable service and total value is the reputation we have earned and live up to everyday. We serve thousands of clients and millions of customers daily through our contemporary cafés, innovative micro markets, state-of-the-art vending programs, premier catering services, superior concession venues and exclusive beverage and coffee systems. Our commitment extends far beyond food… AVI believes in family values, developing our team members, encouraging healthy lifestyles, giving back to our communities and supporting diversity in any way possible.
What Our Customers Say
"Since the Market C has been installed, I very rarely have to leave on my lunch. I never have to worry about forgetting to pack a lunch or even if I forget my wallet at home, I keep money loaded onto my Market C account. I never see the Market C employees stocking the food/drinks, but its always stocked! I don't know how they sneak in and can be so quick, but there are always so many different options to choose from. Thanks for everything!"
Loyal Customer
"I would highly recommend AVI Foodsystems to any business looking to make a change to their vendor services. The Market C concept provides our employees with quality food, that you can touch, examine, read labels and more. Gone are the days that employees have to cross the street to the local convenience store where employee safety has been an issue. The best part about working with AVI is their people. They are very responsive to our needs and go out of their way to make the customer happy. They are truly a great company to work with."
Happy Customer
"Market C has been a great addition to our Call Center. We are open approximately 19 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they have kept our "mini-cafe" stocked at all times. They have a variety of food and drinks at a reasonable price, the fact that the employees do not have to leave the building for lunch is a plus. The workers that I have met through Market C have all been professional, kind and helpful. I feel Market C would be a benefit for all offices that value their employees."
Satisfied Customer
It’s all about taking care of your team. It's about providing them with great products, responsive service and their favorite selections. It’s about being a worry-free solution and providing value. We get it. Every team member at AVI has the responsibility to carry out our commitment of both meeting our customers’ needs as well as anticipating them! Our service team members do much more than is evident on the surface - they are AVI’s eyes and ears in the workplace, responsible for carrying out our mission. As AVI’s ambassadors, customer service attendants are empowered to solve problems on the spot and tailor selections to your needs. AVI is much more than great food. We create the family difference in hospitality services by delivering consistent attention to customer satisfaction and commitment to outstanding service. Let's Talk About Hospitality!
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